We’re in this Together: Climate Disruption

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We’re in this Together: Climate Disruption Initiative
Maikwe, for FIC’s Climate Initiative Team
Maikwe, Christopher, Chris, Marty and Sky

Together Resilient“Is it possible to jettison our current system of exploitation and environmental destruction, and create a new system that is not only sustainable but affords us a comfortable and fulfilling life? The answer is a resounding yes. Ma’ikwe Ludwig eloquently reminds us how the way is fraught with challenges and shows us how to conquer them. This is a must read for anyone who cares about the future of the human race.”

―Chong Kee Tan, PhD, Co-founder of Bay Bucks
about Ma’ikwe’s new book: Together Resilient: Building Community in the Age of Climate Disruption

In December of 2014, Christopher Kindig, the Business Manager of FIC, sent me a blandly titled email: “book idea.” In it, he proposed that I write a book about community that the FIC would publish.

Today, FIC launches a major initiative exploring the relationship between community and climate disruption, and that book is the centerpiece of the initiative.

We are excited to invite you into that partnership with us by contributing to our crowdfunding campaign!

Together Reslient Campaign YouTube

The book is important, but it is just one part of the climate disruption initiative. I will also be doing my second national speaking tour when the book is released. Partway through that, we will be bringing out a second book that was spawned by the process of writing the first one, called The Cooperative Culture Handbook, which is a practical guide to cooperation and collaboration (and is far more needed today than we anticipated when we first started thinking about it just a few months ago). Finally, it wouldn’t be a real FIC project if we didn’t get Communities magazine into it. Thus, the spring edition of Communities is also about climate change.

Your support will go to make all of these possible. Plus, the perks for this campaign are really cool:

  • Be thanked in the book, for any size donation.
  • Get the book two weeks before its official public release on Earth Day!
  • Bring Ma’ikwe to your town with a priority slot on the tour.
  • Spend a weekend at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage (one of the communities featured in the book) at the Milkweed Mercantile Cooperative Bed and Breakfast.

Donate to FIC book Together Resilient

One of the most important messages of our offerings on climate change is that we are all in this together. We are doing our part in promoting community and cooperation as a viable way forward for all of us, and we hope you can join us in getting the word out. This crowdfunding campaign is your first chance to contribute to that. Please give what you can, and spread the word!

Thank you!

PS: If you want to know more about bringing the speaking tour to your town, please contact the Tour Coordinator climatetour@ic.org

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