This is not a dress rehearsal – 30th Birthday, Day 28

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Why am I asking you to give to the Foundation for Intentional Community?

Sky Blue, Executive Director, FIC

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The last 30 years have been practice. This is not a dress rehearsal; places everyone!

Humanity is facing unprecedented danger, mostly self-inflicted. What is being learned in intentional communities is applicable and relevant to the problems we’re facing.

Intentional communities are experiments in community.

They are living laboratories for cooperative, democratic governance models and social systems. They present a unique opportunity to help dismantle systemic oppression and privilege while working to dismantle them internally.

Intentional communities are about sharing. Sharing lives, sharing resources. Peacefully. Sustainably.

When you share land, when you share a home, when you share livelihood, resources, relationships, it creates an especially satisfying and sustaining connection.

This is what creating a new economy is all about. Home – sustaining ourselves and each other. We’re charting a path to a cooperative, just, and sustainable human presence on the planet.


I want more intentional communities to exist. I want lots more people to have the social and material support they have to offer. I want models for consumption and waste that won’t end with us killing ourselves. I want people changing their relationships with each other and changing the world at the same time.

I work for the Foundation for Intentional Community because I believe that intentional communities make a difference in the world, and I believe we can make a difference for the people living in and learning from intentional communities.

Please help us reach our end-of-year fundraising goal is $24K. Any amount is greatly appreciated.

Your support of FIC provides us with a platform to showcase why and how intentional communities matter, and provides resources to groups that need them. This includes a wealth of information published through the FIC’s Communities magazine, Communities Directory (now in its 7th edition), and the Community Bookstore, as well as collaborations with media, researchers, and allied movements and organizations. Collectively these resources disseminate critical information across the globe and advance cooperative living models.

A gift of $30, $50 or $100 will help the FIC finish off its 30th birthday in the black, and prepare it for a busy year to come. Your donation will help the FIC meet its budgetary goals and financial needs, but it also keeps these vital platforms alive and running to showcase intentional communities as demonstrable models for a healthier global society.

The board and staff of the FIC recently held intensive retreats to plan out the year ahead. We’re committed to advancing solutions and encouraging dialogue to get other groups and individuals to see themselves as part of a movement and get them directly involved in supporting and forming intentional communities.


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