Think Resilience!

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Think Resilience!
Post Carbon Institute Self-Guided Course
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Looking for a deep dive into what resilience means for your life and the world around you? Think Resilience

The Post Carbon Institute has produced a self-guided course titled Think Resilience: Preparing Communities for the Rest of the 21st Century, which centers around a video series by Richard Heinberg.

The series focuses on two areas:

  1. Understand the true nature of the challenges we as a society face. What are the underlying, systemic forces at play? What brought us to this place? Acting without this understanding is like putting a band-aid on a life-threatening injury.
  2. Build community resilience. While we must also act in our individual lives and as national/global citizens, building community resilience is our greatest means of mitigating and adapting to the 21st century’s sustainability crises.

New book Together ResilientThere’s an important reason why the conversation has shifted away from sustainability to resilience. Sustainability can be defined as “continuable into the indefinite future.” While that is the ultimate goal for our human society, that is certainly not its current state, and the reality is that we need to prepare for some nasty weather. That’s why we’ve produced a new book, Together Resilient: Building Community the in the Age of Climate Disruption.

Because, ultimately, resilience is about community:

“When people ask me where to move to escape climate change, I tell them there’s no escape and that the thing to look for is a strong community. This book explains how to build that kind of community anywhere―it’s a manual for the future.”

– Bill McKibben, author of Eaarth

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