The world, and the FIC, need you

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The world, and the FIC, need you!

Dear Friends, 

Is it just me, or is the world going a little more crazy than usual? Does it seem like more people than usual are extra busy, stressed out, or overwhelmed? Wherever you land on the spectrum, no one seems to think humanity’s current situation is tenable.

You’ve been connected with FIC for some time. We hope you love what you’ve seen of us. Did you know that FIC members and donors are at the forefront of the effort to learn how to live cooperatively? Does this sound like you? We thought so! Perhaps it’s time to become a member, or a donor―or both!

Community is built in many different ways, and whether or not you live in an intentional community you are helping invent and model ways to share our lives, share resources, share this planet peacefully and sustainably. We’d love to hear more about you, and from you. But we can’t do that unless you contact us, and during this season, and especially this year, we’d love you to contact us with a membership or a donation, or both. Donations are of any size whatsoever, and our basic individual membership is just $30.

The FIC is here to amplify and expand what you do―and build on it!―but we need your support.

Make a donation

As this movement has continued to grow and evolve, FIC has increased our efforts. Our challenge now is to increase income to increase capacity. This is why we hope you’ll consider giving this year. Interested? Here is how and where.

Please consider sending us a tax-deductible gift.

Donations can be sent by mail to 23 Dancing Rabbit Ln, Rutledge, MO 63653, or you can donate online by going to To become a member, go to the website and click the Membership button in the upper right hand corner, or contact us at 800-462-8240 or [email protected]

FIC is ready to take things to the next level and provide even more programs and services to support your efforts to build community and your interest in learning more about communities worldwide. We hope you’ll partner with us in a gift of ANY amount! All are welcome!

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Just some of the cool stuff we have in the works:

  • Creating a toolkit/solutions library
  • Turning the Process Consultants list into a Community Consultants Program
  • Improving the website so visitors get more opportunities to make it theirs
  • Making the online Directory more interactive
  • Supporting regional networking
  • And much more! We want to know what be helpful to you!

When you give what you can to FIC before the end of 2016, you are helping address a fundamental question of our time: How can humanity peacefully, equitably, and sustainably share this finite planet? The formation and development of intentional communities needs to accelerate, and their impact on society needs to be amplified.

Thank you for your support and for helping model a better way to live!

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Sky Blue
Executive Director
Foundation for Intentional Community

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