Sky Blue Featured on Utopian Realities Podcast

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Last month, FIC’s Executive Director, Sky Blue, was featured on the Utopian Realities podcast at BlockTalkRadio. In a wide-ranging interview, Sky shares his insights into cooperative culture, intentional living, sustainability, and more.

Sky has decades of experience in the intentional community movement. He’s lived in several different types of communities, including Twin Oaks, a 50-year-old income-sharing commune in Virginia, and has helped start two worker co-operatives. On the podcast, you’ll hear Sky talk about:

  • why making decisions about shared resources may be the fundamental question of our times
  • how intentional communities serve as “human-scale laboratories” for influencing mainstream culture
  • why Twin Oaks is taxed as a 501d – the same status as many monasteries
  • how to balance “individual choices, individual lifestyles, with the impacts that they have on others, on the environment”
  • the reasons why a person might be asked to leave a community – or be asked to change their behavior through therapy or anger management
  • why relationship to conflict, and not conflict itself, can be a sign of a community’s health or dysfunction
  • the #1 decision that causes conflict in a community
  • what intentional communities have in common with the Occupy movement
  • and much more!

Check out the podcast at BlogTalkRadio and let us know what you think!

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This is such a broad yet detailed view of what makes intentional communities it should be added to the Wikipedia page! It felt like any listener could learn something new.

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