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Raid on Texas Fundamentalist Mormon Community

Posted on April 26, 2008 by
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By now, most have heard about the raid by Texas Rangers on the Fundamentalist Mormon community in west Texas. During the raid, 437 children were removed from the community compound based on concerns of child abuse and neglect, primarily based on the concern that underage girls were being forced to marry older men against their will.

We couldn’t possibly keep up on all the coverage of the story here but it seemed incongruous to never mention this major media event in this blog about communities in the news.

Below is a small sampling of news and blog coverage on the story. We invite comments if people are interested in sharing.

New York Times Coverage of the story

NPR Coverage

CNN story on how the call precipitating the raid was a hoax

Civil Rights questions raised and ACLU questions threat to constitutional rights

An interesting Blog post comparing the historic Oneida Community to the current events

Blog post from Laird Schaub on the Texas Raid

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Few Are Left at Texas Fundamentalist Mormon Community | Community Buzz

[…] news coverage of the Texas fundamentalist Morman community that was raided by Texas authorities last month has dies down recently. This article in the Dallas Morning News gives a good picture of the raid’s […]

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