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Improve Your Soil – Bury Yard Waste

Posted on April 1, 2015 by

What can you do to repair or improve your soil?

Hugelkultur is a technique that works by burying logs, sticks, and yard waste, which then decomposes into fertile, aerated, moist soil.


You can then plant directly on the Hugelkultur pile, waiting 6-12 months first if preferred to encourage more breakdown of the yard waste first, but this is not always necessary. The decomposing organic material becomes rich soil, at an accelerated rate as it is being “cooked” by being in the ground, being exposed to bugs and micro-organisms, and retaining moisture.

This technique works especially well for plants that love wet boggy soil, such as blueberries. The roots burrow deep into the pile to find the decomposing yard waste, which acts as a nutrient dense sponge of moisture – even days after it rains.

To learn more about one farm’s experience with this soil building technique, for a more detailed how-to, and for photo credits, visit:

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