How do we resolve group conflict?

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Community Bookstore Special
Best of Communities
The Cream of Our Crop
Agreements, Conflicts, and Communication
by Kim Kanney, Community Bookstore Manager

Best of Communities Vol VI digital and print compilationBest of Communities Volume VI

Agreements, Conflicts, and Communication
A special selection of articles from
Communities: Life in Cooperative Culture

$10 Digital, $15 Print

The Foundation for Intentional Community is pleased to offer you the cream of our crop―the very best articles that have appeared over the last 20 years in our flagship publications: Communities magazine and the Communities Directory.
We’ve distilled what we consider the most insightful and helpful articles on the topics that you―our readers―have told us you care about most, and have organized them into 15 scintillating collections.

The Agreements, Conflict, and Communication compilation offers a handful of articles about working constructively with distress and conflict, as well as a smorgasbord of information about agreements and communication skills that are hallmarks of mature, healthy groups. You don’t have to make it all up from scratch! These pieces showcase some of the best things that intentional communities have to offer the wider culture.

Contributed by common names in the communities movement―Diana Leafe Christian, Tree Bressen, Laird Schaub, and Miki Kashtan to name a few-such topics include making clear agreements, problem solving, non-violent communication, diffusing conflict, and asserting tough love. There are even tips on timing a joke to break tension in the room and resolving confusion (or criticism) from family members about you living in community!

Order Volume VI today or get the entire set!

Want more on these topics? Download these Communities magazine digital back issues (available in digital format only):

#128 Resolving Conflict in Community
#113 Communication and Process

Or check out this book:
Non-violent Communication guides us in re-framing how we express ourselves and hear others. Instead of being habitual, automatic reactions, our words become conscious responses based firmly on an awareness of what we are perceiving, feeling, and wanting. We are led to express ourselves with honesty and clarity, while simultaneously paying others a respectful and empathetic attention.

Communities #128 Resolving Conflict   Communities #113 Communication and Process    Non-Violent Communication



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