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Ecovillage Helps Cleveland Become an Eco-city

Posted on May 21, 2008 by

The environmental news site, Grist, has a great article about how Cleveland is going green. The article highlights the Cleveland Ecovillage a “pedestrian-friendly neighborhood linked to mass transit”.

The project is the brainchild of five local nonprofits, the city, the regional transit authority, private developers, and neighborhood residents. They aim to bring residents back to the Detroit Shoreway neighborhood, and to serve as an example to other cities of how to redevelop the inner city in a green fashion.

Near the newly renovated West 65th Street rapid transit station, Cuyahoga Community Land Trust is in the process of building five two- and three-bedroom homes, between 1,226 and 1,350 square feet each, called the Green Cottages. They’re designed to be LEED-certified and models of energy efficiency, with projected heating costs of just $36 a month thanks to energy-saving appliances and heavy insulation.

Because mixed-income housing is a key to sustainability, EcoVillage designers wanted to coax both lower- and upper-middle-class residents to return to the inner city. The cottages are surrounded by Craftsman-era homes, many of them carefully restored, painted the colors of Easter eggs and with wide front porches. Down the street, within walking distance to the rapid-transit station that links to downtown, are 20 1,600-square-foot EcoVillage townhouses constructed by GreenBuilt Homes, an eco-friendly Cleveland builder.

“We had a few folks who moved in from the suburbs, some who moved from within the local neighborhood, and some that came from other cities and other states,” said Metcalf. At this point, the people behind EcoVillage feel pretty safe claiming the project a success.

The article goes on to describe a number of other ecological projects in and around Cleveland.

Read the Eco-city Cleveland article at Grist

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