Cohousing Conferences in 2018!

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Cohousing Conferences in 2018!
Regional Cohousing Conference – Boulder CO
Canadian Cohousing Conference – Vancouver BC
Regional Cohousing Conference – Amherst MA

by Sky Blue, FIC Executive Directory

The FIC is a proud co-sponsor of several cohousing conferences this year. First off head to Boulder, CO for a Regional Cohousing Conference, April 20 – 22. Then there’s the Canadian Cohousing Conference, April 28 – 29, Vancouver, BC. More info on both of these events below.

In September a second US regional conference will be held in Amherst, MA – stay tuned to for more details!

Regional Cohousing Conference: 4/20-4/22 Boulder CO

Regional Cohousing Conference: 4/20-4/22 Boulder CO

Discover how you can live a powerful purposeful life in cohousing!

The conference holds the keys to creating a highly functioning cohousing community. There is something for everyone – those exploring the idea, newly forming groups or existing communities.

For Newly Forming Communities: You will learn how to get started, meet the people who can help make it happen, and discover best practices from others who have already made the journey.

For Existing & Newly Forming Communities: You’ll learn from the experts how to attract new members, enable affordability, and improve your community.

For Everyone: You will network with your broader tribe of cohousers and cohousing friends and have fun!

Canadian Cohousing Conference: 4/28-4/29 Vancouver BC 

Canadian Cohousing Conference 2018

Now more than ever, Canadians are interested in finding creative ways to build environmentally and socially sustainable communities, and cohousing is leading the charge.

For the first time ever in Canada, the Canadian Cohousing Conference will bring together over 200 people from three audiences:

Cohousing scene, enclosed
  • Existing cohousing members wanting to bring new skills back to their groups
  • The general public interested in learning more about cohousing
  • Architects, developers, city planners and other professionals interested in developing future cohousing projects

The Canadian Cohousing Conference will run for two days April 28-29, 2018 at Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House and SFU Segal Building.

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