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Christian Group Finds Power in Communal Living

Posted on June 24, 2008 by

The St. Petersburg Times has an article about a group of Christian intentional communities in St. Petersburg and Tampa whose mission is enhanced by simple, communal living. The article profiles one house in a group of communities calling themselves New Monasticism. (Note, at time of writing, their “map of communities” is broken)

The residents of this 2,000-square-foot house are part of a Christian lifestyle called New Monasticism, reflecting what they think Jesus would do about poverty and consumerism in today’s world.

They share bills, chores and prayer and live on limited means. They started a church and give to the poor and travel to serve Third World countries. By pooling their resources in blighted areas, they feel they can accomplish more than they would in the suburbs, alone.

The FIC directory includes at least one mention of this network, a forming community called The Magdaline House, but it appears they are setting up their own directory of communities on their web site.

Read the article in the St. Petersburg Times about Christian Communities

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