Call for Workshops at the 2018 Twin Oaks Communities Conference

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The Twin Oaks Communities Conference, in partnership with the FIC, is seeking workshop proposals for their annual Labor Day weekend event (August 31st to September 2nd).


Workshops fall under two broad types:

Fixed Time Workshops:  This is the collection of 16 (or sometimes 20) workshops which are selected in advance on various and all aspects of intentional community from vision to implementation. We are exploring different themes and it is likely we will choose a couple of them.  If you are interested in presenting on an intentional community related topic we would encourage you to submit this workshop proposal form.  The deadline for proposals is May 31st.  These workshops happen Saturday, Sept 1st and Sunday morning. Workshop presenters who are selected for these fixed time slots will get their registration fee waived.  And if you are coming from NYC metro area (or south of there) you might be able to come on our totally groovy bus.


Open Space Technology Workshop:  There are way too many clever and interesting people at the TOCC to not provide a forum for them to demonstrate or propose their own workshop even if it has little or nothing to do with community.  The problem (from an organizers perspective) is which one to choose?  Fortunately, this problem has been well worked by others and there is a democratic, self selecting mechanism called Open Space Technology.  These workshops are giving Sunday (Sept 2) midday into the afternoon and typically we do between 10 and 20 workshops ranging in size from 25 participants (like urban squatting or polyamory workshops) to just a couple of excited participants (bird watching or Python blockchain).


Even if you don’t want to offer a workshop there are three types of people who might want to come to this annual event, which often has over 150 participants and 40 plus communities represented:

  1. You want to find an intentional community to move into
  2. You are starting a community with friends
  3. You live in a community and are looking for new members

Or maybe you just want to check out the dance party, “meet the communities”, or tour the nexus of intentional communities near Twin Oaks.

If any of these things are true for you, then you can register for this event here.  If you want to see who else might be there check out our Facebook page.

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