Best Friends Build Tiny House Village

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Best Friends Build Tiny House Village

Living in the same town was not enough for four couples who have been best friends for 20 years. They decided to double down on their relationship and buy a little bit of land “in the middle of nowhere” on the Llano River in the Hill Country of Texas.

Fed up with the daily grind of suburban living and hungering for more family, friendship, and simple living, they started meeting and talking about what they could do about it. What came out of this was what they called their “Llano Exit Strategy” – to build a small community of Tiny Houses; a “Bestie Row” where they could relax and rejoice together in style.
They employed an architect, Matt Garcia, to help plan their visionary little village. Each couple lives in a 400 square foot home, which cost about $40,000 in total to build. They also built a 1,500 square foot community center or common house to share, which includes a large kitchen and plenty of space to party. Outdoors they sip coffee overlooking the river in the mornings, and watch their children and grand children play with the abundance of nature around them.

They designed with sustainability in mind. This includes opting for large windows to allow plenty of natural light into the homes, and water catchment systems to gather and store every drop of water that lands on the roof. Galvanized metal siding was chosen to reflect light and dramatically reduce the scorching Texas heat.

The interior of the homes are mostly unfinished, with industrial finishes, to keep expenses down and to keep a farmhouse chic or contemporary rural feel. Creative space management was employed wherever possible to make the spaces both fashionable and functional.

Inspiring you to design a paradise with some of your besties?

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