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Currently Director of Planning and Community Development for the City of Montpelier, Vermont, Gwendolyn Hallsmith has over 25 years of experience working with municipal, regional, and state government in the United States and internationally, and is also Executive Director of Global Commmunity Initiatives ( Recently she has founded and developed the infrastructure at The Headwaters Garden and Learning Center, a new ecovillage in Cabot, Vermont. There are seven home sites, five of which are still available. The mission of the ecovillage is to be a demonstration community illustrating permaculture principles, and offering educational programs on everything ranging from sustainable communities, permaculture, and green design, to alternative and complementary healing and raising children to be world citizens. Contact Gwendolyn at gwenhs AT gmail dot com.

Articles by Gwendolyn Hallsmith include:

  • Ecovillage Infrastructure (Issue # 156)

Ecovillage Infrastructure

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Water supply, human waste treatment, zoning regulations, legal structure, homeownership models, and other core technical issues are essential in ecovillage planning.