Aurora DeMarco Becomes FIC’s Development Director

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Aurora DeMarco Becomes FIC’s Development Director

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A New Dawn
Aurora DeMarco Becomes FIC’s Development Director
by Laird Schaub,
FIC Executive Secretary

Aurora DeMarco Development Director FICAurora DeMarco

This February FIC tapped Aurora DeMarco (of Ganas Community in Staten Island NY) to become our new head of Development. This move is the start of a year-long transition to replace the various roles that Laird Schaub has been filling as the Fellowship’s main administrator for the last 20 years.

Though new to FIC, Aurora has over 30 years of community organizing experience, which has been immediately harnessed as she breathes new energy into the Fellowship’s efforts in membership, fundraising, and relationship building.
Depending on how it goes, Aurora may also resurrect the much-needed role of Volunteer Coordinator.

She recently facilitated a workshop on elder and hospice care in intentional communities and published an article about it in Communities magazine. From her home base in New York City she is also working with Point A, a forming urban community that is exploring income-sharing.

Aurora has two daughters, one of whom lives at Twin Oaks and the other goes to the Brooklyn Free School.

Like many of us, Aurora believes strongly that intentional communities are the wave of the future.

Welcome, Aurora!

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