What if we were Thriving?

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Community Bookstore feature

by Kim Kanney, Community Bookstore Manager

Breaking Through to a World that Works
by Jean M. Russell
Print Edition $20
Digital Edition $15

“What would our lives and the sum of our society be like if we said they were thriving?”

Thrivability sets out to challenge the “breakdown thinking” that focuses only on defensive reactions to the economic, social, political, and environmental crises and catastrophes we face. In its place the author proposes “breakthrough thinking” an approach that recognizes the gritty reality but enables us to envision and co-create a world of well-being and health.

The book is separated into three parts:

  • Part I – Perceiving – looks at the stories we tell about our world and our limited ways of perceiving it.
  • Part II – Understanding – outlines new tools for understanding ourselves and the social and data revolutions we are part of.
  • Part III – Doing – sets out ways we can take action together to create the world of the possible, a thriving world, a world that works.

Best of all, the book is peppered with references, practical questions and exercises to bring thriving to your organization and way of life.

Order the print copy now or download the digital copy.

If you’re interested in this topic, check out our Social Change bookstore section or take a look at these titles:

Simple Prosperity is an excellent introduction to the philosophical and psychological side of sustainable living. This isn’t just a book with tips on how to save money by living green, its a book with tips on how to live a happier life by connecting with nature in your search for complete sustainability.

Culture Change: Civil Liberty, Peak Oil and the End of Empire challenges us to think outside the box about the issues that face our society. The book provides inspiration to seek solutions by taking a quantum leap in thought and action.

Existing work on sustainability, resource justice, and escaping the comsumer lifestyple has opened the door to the possibilities of a simpler life. Radical Simplicity invites the reader to step through the door and follow the path to realizing the possibilities such a lifestyle change offers.

Simple Prosperity Culture Change Radical Simplicity


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