Transition Towns and Intentional Communities – Community Builders Forum – Webinar #8

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Transition Towns: Intentional Communities for the 99%

What to look forward to in this webinar:

While building and growing intentional communities is an important part of the resilience-building work of the international Transition Movement, the main thrust of Transition is to create intentional communities for the 99% – towns, cities, neighborhoods, and even entire regions where people hold a common vision of a more just and sustainable future, equitably share resources with each other, commit to working on their interpersonal issues, and serve as beacons of hope for the better world we know is possible. In this webinar, Don Hall, Co-Director of Transition US and founder of a small intentional community in Sarasota, Florida, will describe the Transition approach to broadening, deepening, and scaling-up social change both within intentional communities and beyond them.

Presenter Bio:

Don Hall has had the good fortune to participate in the Transition Movement in a variety of capacities over the past decade. Initially serving for two years as the Education and Outreach Coordinator for Transition Colorado, he went on to found and direct Transition Sarasota from 2010 to 2016. During that time, Don delivered more than 60 Transition Talks, screened over 40 Films for a Future, hosted dozens of “reskilling” workshops, led an effort that harvested nearly 250,000 pounds of organic produce for those in need, organized six annual community-wide Eat Local Week celebrations, and compiled an Eat Local Guide with detailed listings for more than 250 related businesses and organizations. A certified Transition Trainer and experienced facilitator, Don was named Co-Director of Transition US in 2017. He holds a Master’s degree in Environmental Leadership from Naropa University and currently lives in Sarasota, Florida.

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