Say goodbye to the old FIC… and welcome the new!

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Dear friends,

Something big is cooking on our computers.

A completely new look for FIC is almost here!

Over the next week we’ll be unveiling the changes. Tuesday, May 28th will be the big launch – with a new name, logo, website, and newsletter in place.

FIC will soon go by the Foundation for Intentional Community, rather than the Fellowship for Intentional Community. Still the same “FIC” shorthand.

We loved the kindred-spirit sentiment of “Fellowship,” but we didn’t care for the old-school and masculine connotations. The title “Foundation” speaks to our commitment and professionalism. It also shares what we aim to provide for this movement, a foundation of wisdom, inspiration, and resources for thriving communities.

Our logo, typeface, colors, and imagery will transform to better reflect who we are today and to symbolize our diverse, expanding movement. Our website will fully enter the modern design age, allowing the 40k visitors who visit our website each month the best possible introduction to intentional communities. The fact that we were lucky enough to come across a website on that already was in good health makes the website more friendly to our viewers.

Underneath it all, we will still be the same mission-driven organization. For over 30 years, we have supported the development of intentional communities as a pathway towards a more sustainable, cooperative, and just world.

This recent transformation is fueled by feedback and ideas from all of you. Thank you to our entire community of supporters, allies, and team members for making this dream a reality!

We hope you will celebrate the grand launch with us on May 28th! We’ll need your help to spread the word and make the most of this big change. And if you’re feeling generous, one of the best ways you can support the communities movement right now is by making a donation to FIC. Any size gift is much appreciated support for our hardworking team.

We will share many more details and the full brand story on the 28th. In the meantime, any questions or suggestions can be sent to

In service to a better world,

Cynthia Tina, Communications Director and Board Member

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Zhenna Bouray

Hate your new site so far. For many years I have purchased a Featured Ad and was happy with the response, 2-3 inquiries per week and at times up to 5 per day. We quickly answered all inquiries even if we did not look like a good fit for the people who had inquired. We have worked hard at Caballos de las Estrellas to come up with a unique approach to community, one that fills a few areas that were not generally addressed within Intentional Communities. Now my ad is totally lost in hundreds of free ads and is no longer featured. Few people bother with the side bars and that is the only place my ad shows up. I hope you get his fixed by May 28th. Your new site is strong on your pitch, hard to navigate, and weak for advertisers.

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