Local Money: What difference does it make?

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Local Money

by Kim Kanney, Community Bookstore Manager

LocalLocal Money
What difference does it make?
by John Rogers
Digital Edition $10

Local currencies ― sometimes referred to as “local money” or “community currencies” ― allow cities, towns and intentional communtiies to strengthen and protect their own local economy. Local money often highlights community businesses and organizations, builds bridges, celebrates local crafts and artists, and demonstrates action against global, corporate greed.

In fact, FIC is a part of a local currency program in northeast Missouri called Exchange Local Money (ELM) system. Community memberships are paid with ELMs and we can pay our Missouri staff with ELMs.

What are the practical differences between national and local money? How do each currencies work, and what are the advantages to building a local resilient currency?”

Our new digital book, Local Money, answers these questions and more. Explore if there is a local money initiatve near you and why you should participate.

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