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Sustainable Food, Energy, and Transportation
by Kim Kanney, Community Bookstore Manager

Best of Communities Vol X digital and print compilationBest of Communities Volume X
Sustainable Food, Energy, and Transportation
A special selection of articles from Communities: Life in Cooperative Culture magazine
$10 Digital, $15 Print

The Foundation for Intentional Community is pleased to offer you the cream of our crop―the very best articles that have appeared over the last 20 years in our flagship publications: Communities magazine and Communities Directory. We’ve distilled what we consider the most insightful and helpful articles on the topics that you―our readers―have told us you care about most, and have organized them into 15 scintillating collections.

The Sustainable Food, Energy, and Transportation issue covers a lot of territory important to many communitarians. The compilation first discusses food scarcity and food security; stories of celebration and hope and stories calling us into action. Then it turns to stories of permacultural practices (and the lessons learned) and finally addresses peak oil and energy depletion with survival tips, innovative tools, and stories of off-grid living and car sharing. Phew!

Throughout the decades of Communities magazine, we have covered a lot of terrain on the subjects of sustainability and this compilation offers you the best, all bound into one book!

Don’t miss this opportunity to have our greatest articles all in one place!

Order Volume X today or get the entire set!

Want more on these topics? Order the print or digital version of these back issues of Communities magazine:

Permaculture #153
Ecology and Community #143
Renewal Energy #161

#153 Permaculture (digital-only available)

#143 Ecology and Community (print and digital available)

#161 Renewable Energy (print and digital available)

Post-Petroleum Survival Guide and CookbookOr check out this survival guide by Albert Bates:
Post-Petroleum Survival Guide and Cookbook.

The Post-Petroleum Survival Guide and Cookbook is a blueprint for moving into a changing energy future. It distills the essentials for small-footprint living, leavened with deep wisdom, a wide variety of wonderful recipes, juicy quotes and reminders to enjoy life as we power down.


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