Landing Your Community – The Community Builders Forum – Webinar #3

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The Community Builders Forum – Webinar 3 – Landing your Community

The practical and spiritual aspects of real estate for intentional communities

We host monthly webinars, which members can participate in live. These webinars cover a wide range of topics of interest and importance to intentional communities and their allies. Recordings of past episodes can be found below.

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In episode 3, cooperative real estate pioneer Cassandra Ferrera presents on all things land and real estate related. She addresses the very practical aspects of finding property, working with real estate agents and dealing with zoning. She also shares about the spiritual aspects of having a profound relationship with the land… even before you acquire it. This webinar is helpful for people in groups seeking to create intentional community, and holds pieces of insight for “landed” communities as well.

Over the last decade Cassandra has pioneered a field of cooperative real estate to serve those seeking to share land and create community.  This exposure to the communities movement has given her a very unique perspective on what it takes to create community in rural, suburban and urban settings.  

Cassandra and her family have lived in intentional community for over 11 years in Northern California and in 2016 cofounded an intentional community that currently has 15 adults and 10 kids on 22 acres outside of Sebastopol. Cassandra consults with groups, educates and presents at conferences, and serves on the FIC Board.

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