Family Grows 3 Tons of Food on 1/10th Acre

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Family Grows 3 Tons of Food!

Family Grows 3 Tons of Food

The Dervaes family turned a “regular city home” into a thriving garden ecosystem that provides more than enough food for their family, and plenty to supply a local food stand.

Family Grows 3 Tons 2

“Surrounded by urban sprawl and just a short distance from a freeway, the Urban Homestead project is a family operated and highly productive city farm. It is also a successful, real-life working model for sustainable agriculture and eco living in urban areas and has been featured in multiple news medias both nationally and internationally.

Our work in creating Urban Homesteading as a flourishing and self-sufficient lifestyle using minimum resources and land has been referenced as a progressive and forward-thinking example and sourced as the representation of future city planning and reclamation worldwide.

For over a decade, we have proved that growing ones’ own food can be sustainable, practical, successful and beautiful in urban areas.”

Check out for over 10 years of journals, pictures, how-to, and blogs about how they did it!

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Anybody up for starting a sustainable Homestead lifestyle in a little paradise, a stones’s throw of the beautiful La Fortuna Water Falls Costa Rica property ? 2 miles from the Town of La Fortuna, in the middle of wonderful rain forrest , and only 10 miles from the touristy area of the Great Arenal Volcano. I’m a divorced now single man looking for only 1 individual man or woman or 1 married couple as finishing construction investor partners in the project. ( NOT THE LAND ), or they can offer to pay their share at original price rate ( cheaper that way ) for full partnership of land and project. Land size just over 4 acres, with about 82 mts, or 180 ft of beautiful sounding narrow private river on the back of property. We bought the property in cash from our US savings funds, and own it out right, since 2006. It’s properly registered in the National Land Registry. Title free and clear with 50 % to my name, and 50 % to my ex wife’s name. ( she resides in California, and does not want any partnership, she only want to sell her share.). The property has improvements such as phone line, and city electric services with housing for a transformer or any size needed, abundant great spring drinking water rights, fence, and newly issued map showing easement limits with our front lot neighbor. Need to build septic tank. Complete peace and seclusion, and only 10 minutes to civilization.
I’ll reply to serious inquires only, from folks who ‘d want to make a complete life style change. Pre -existing concrete 7 room walls of unfinished construction , roof and other finishing needed. Not much cash needed, since we already assumed the big expense of acquiring the property and partly construction.
send emails to:, or call my cell at : 415- 9481284. We can entertain a holistic type Welness Center, or just TOTAL quality of sustainable living, but sailing our crops to local markets.
Marco A Mendoza

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