Ecovillage Training Center Video

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We’ve been wanting to have more video pieces on Community Buzz but video on community is just not as easy to find. We hope to start posting at least one video a week but to do so will need to include not just the latest and greatest videos. If you have a favorite online video on community let us know.

This week we’re featuring a video from CurrentTV, a TV station started by Al Gore that gets much of its content from videos posted online and voted on by internet viewers. CurrentTV definitely has a lot of video related to sustainability and community and we’re sure to bring you more from their site in the future.

This 12 minutes video is a tour of the Ecovillage Training Center at The Farm in Tennessee. Ecovillage activist Albert Bates guides you through the center’s myriad of ecological learning facilities. Produced by Dharma Dog Pictures.


See the Ecovillage Training Center Video on Current TV.

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