This Eco-Community in Peru is Known for Its Cone-Shaped Structures

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Just over an hour north of Lima, Peru, a circle of cone-shaped buildings rises beside a sandy beach. These structures are called “trulys,” and they’re part of a spiritual eco-village built by Hare Krishnas on the Peruvian coast. The village is a popular stopping place for travelers looking for a peaceful, meditative retreat in rural South America. According to Peru This Week:

“Its peculiar trulys, cone-shaped constructions made with mud and organic material, invite the visitor to feel like part of nature and to get in touch with the universe. ‘The trulys are a natural way of living, because in the world, there are not square things. The planet is round and spins in a circle around the sun, the seasons turn…the atoms turn, even our blood circulates … to get to our heart,’ says the Krishna monk.”

Visitors can take part in yoga classes and organic farming, and are offered three vegetarian meals per day in return for a volunteer commitment and a nightly fee of $10-15 US. There is no limit to how long you can volunteer, and drop-ins are welcome, but it’s best to e-mail ahead to make plans or to arrange for an airport pick-up.

Guests say that their visit was peaceful, educational, and transformative. One visitor from the U.S., Gareth Leonard, writes that:

“As soon as I arrived at the park workers and volunteers alike welcomed me with open arms and made me feel surprisingly comfortable in a very out-of-box situation. People explained to me what Hare Krishna was all about and I asked a ton of questions, but they never tried to convince me of anything.”

Although I haven’t been myself, it sounds like the perfect spot to spend a few nights while backpacking through South America!

Check out this video tour by Gareth Leonard and see more photos here. You can learn about the volunteer program at Eco Truly Park’s website.

Photo by Alex Proimos

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