A Watership Down

Vermilion, Ohio, United States

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Mission Statement

A water-based, sustainable effort, with a view to a better quality of life. (tentative statement)

Community Description

It was something to think about after occupy…

We needed something, anything, so we consensed…then we travelled…then we worked…then we suffered…then we died…because it wasn’t actually sustainable…it wasn’t even livable…and ultimately it wasn’t survivable.

This option removes the encumbrance of land ownership, which arguably is impossible–or at the least incredibly injust–in these united states…

You can be a nomad anywhere.
You can help others anywhere.

Primarily sailboats.
Secondarily water-based living.
Tertiary nomadic lifestyle.

(tentative description)

  • Status: Forming
  • Started Planning: 2013
  • Start Living Together: 2017
  • Visitors accepted: Yes
  • Open to new Members: Yes
  • Please read the details in Membership below before contacting this community. Send Message
  • Twitter: http://twitter.com/HadrianKross
  • Contact Name: Jonathan
  • Phone: +14405655916


  • Type(s): Commune (organized around sharing almost everything), Ecovillage (organized around ecology and sustainability), Cohousing (individual homes within group owned property), Shared Housing, Cohouseholding, or Coliving (multiple individuals sharing a dwelling), Student Housing or Student Co-Op, Spiritual or Religious Community, Unspecified, or Other, Transition Town or Eco-Neighborhood (focused on energy/resource resiliency), Traditional or Indigenous Community
  • Programs & Activities: Transition Town (post-petroleum and off-grid communities), School, Educational Institute or Experience, Volunteer, Internship, or Apprenticeship, Neighborhood, Community Housing, or Homeowner’s Association, Ethical Business, Investment Group, or Alternative Currency, Organization, Resource, or Network, WWOOF’ing, Guest Farming, Festivals, Conferences, Events, Nomadic–Primarily water based
  • Location: Mobile


  • Status: We do not have land
  • Current Residence Types: Those that can be built on a barge or aboard ship (large deck).
  • Current Number of Residences: 0
  • Planned number of residences: 10000
  • Planned Residence Types: Single-family homes, Multi-family homes, Room(s) in a house or building, Tiny house, Yurt, tee-pee, dome, treehouse, or tent, Mobile homes, RV’s, converted buses, Natural built structues, Lots to build on, consider what can be built on a barge…otherwise sailboats, boats, and other watercraft with sustainable propulsion
  • Housing Provided: Purchase, Rental, Work-exchange, Included in Membership
  • Land owned by: No land ownership. Vessel ownership is up to the individual vessel or flotilla…cooperative ownership encouraged
  • Additional Comments:

    In terms of CoHousing and housing law, we do not fall under any countries’ jurisdiction collectively. If a working group, individual vessel, flotilla, or captain chooses to accept funds–or otherwise agree to abide by a jurisdiction’s laws, they are free to do so and remain a member. Their involvement; however, does not imply any involvement of any other vessel or person. Any jurisdiction should realize that their ability to regulate does not extend beyond their international borders–or perhaps even their local borders. Fund at your own risk! Furthermore, the mechanism of a “report back” is advised for testing this type of effort, though we will not be a mechanism for any jurisdiction’s surveillance–nor will we act as a policing force. We will strive to follow all international, tested and proven, maritime law–though solely on a voluntary basis…as is the reality. No one owns the seas.

    That said, it is our goal to be a beneficial influence to each independent vessel, and every effort, whether done individually or collectively.

    We are your allies simply because you are on the water and making the effort, though we will not be a mechanism for exploitation.


  • Adult Members: 0
  • Visitors accepted: Yes
  • Visitor Process:

    Contact the email address listed (the message button), or text the phone number.

  • Open to new Members: Yes
  • Membership Process:

    Buy/acquire (without stealing)/build/trade for a vessel that can traverse water, and that can float upon the surface for an extended period of time–that you wouldn’t mind sleeping in… Join similar effort.

    Attend the yearly gathering, or send a messenger, emissary, representative, etc.
    (escort options available for smaller vessels or crews)

  • Additional Comments:

    Express interest in interacting with the group.

    Share skills, time, effort, or property with the group. Accept an equal amount of time, effort, or property from the group.

    Share trade related information.

    Form trade routes.



  • Decision Making: General Assembly –> Working Groups
  • Identified Leader: No
  • Leadership Core Group: No
  • Additional Comments:

    In terms of leadership it is avant-garde style. Time, effort, and input, but most importantly quality… Those who lead, lead.

    Yearly gathering of all vessels in international waters.

    There are values, techniques, and sometimes codes–plenty of guidelines.
    All vessels are autonomous unless they identify with a flotilla.

    We do not govern.

    All persons (of flesh and blood) are considered members. All vessels are also members. All flotillas are also members.
    No member shall be barred from leaving any member, at any time, under any condition–though it is encouraged that these decisions be made at the gathering…
    It is strongly encouraged that these decisions be negotiated.
    No member shall be denied the right to negotiate.

    No member is “required” to accept any other member.

    The main idea is acceptance and cooperation…not to mention a healthier life; however, we shall not infringe upon the free agency of any individual.

    Once again if a member chooses not to attend the gathering nor send an emissary, they are no longer considered members. You cannot operate as us, that year, unless you physically attend. We may seek out a vessel or group if they send emissaries, consecutively, over several years. We may seek a member out if they drop all contact without notice…we will not follow you if you don’t want us to.

    There is no quorum. The IC, whole, assembly, etc. is whomever arrives. If you need help, please ask.
    We enjoy expeditions. Qualified and seasoned expeditions don’t mind the separation–some see it as a necessity.


  • Join Fee: $0
  • Dues, Fees, or Shared Expenses: Yes
  • Regular Fee per Month: $0
  • Shared Income: Partial share of income
  • Required Labor Contribution: Encouraged or suggested
  • Open to members with existing debt: Yes
  • Additional Comments:

    Trade or die…or prove the statement wrong.

    There is no monetary cost to join.
    There is no regulation to that effect however.

    Merit based efforts are strongly encouraged.

    We will make every effort to ensure that there exists at least one (1) vessel, with space available for new member(s)–at no initial charge (cost). We do expect members to pull their own weight (or of others they bring with them, if they so choose)–this is a vital necessity aboard ship.

    We have no stance to judge one another–nor will we create one, but we do make judgements based upon the evidence.
    If a working group chooses to exploit its members it will more than likely end up as all exploitive endeavors. History 101… …and the general assembly will more than likely catch wind of it as well.

    Membership process/requirements remain as stated.

Sustainability Practices

  • Energy Infrastructure: We use both systems.
  • Current renewable energy generation: 0%, or close to 0%
  • Energy sources: Solar, Wind, Hydro-Electric, Consider Electrolised Hydrogen and Oxygen
  • Planned renewable energy generation: 100%
  • Current food produced: 0%, or close to 0%
  • Planned food produced: Almost All, around 90%
  • Food produced locally: 0%, or close to 0%


  • Common Facilities: Common House, Garden(s), Greenhouse(s), Vehicle Share, Library, Workshop, Outbuilding(s), Swimming pond or pool, Hot tub or hot springs, Outdoor Kitchen, Large Scale Kitchen, Stage or Auditorium, Fire pit, Swingsets & play areas, Recreational vehicles, Waterfront access, Gym or sports area, Internet, Again, anything you could fit on a barge…
  • Internet Available: Yes, both the community and individuals provide it
  • Internet Fast?: No, it is slow.
  • Cell Phone Service: Not good for most people.
  • Shared meals: 2-5 times per week
  • Dietary Practice: Omnivorous (plants and animals), Paleo (no grains, dairy, processed foods, or legumes), Local (food sourced within 150 miles), Organic (no pesticides or synthetic fertilizers), GMO Free (only non-genetically modified organisms), Vegetarian Only (no animal meat; dairy and eggs okay) – Please check this only if you are 100% Vegetarian, Mostly Vegetarian, Vegan Only (plants only, no animal products) – Please check this only if you are 100% Vegan., Mostly Vegan, Opportunivore (dumpster diving, nature harvesting, etc.), Raw or Mostly Raw, Kosher, Halal, Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free, Usually depends on the vessel you choose to join/accepts you, though we plan to accomodate all diets listed.
  • Dietary Choice or Restrictions: No – people may eat however they wish.
  • Special Diets OK: Sometimes
  • Alcohol Use: Yes, used occasionally.
  • Tobacco Use: Yes, used occasionally.
  • Additional Diet Comments:

    Again, depends on the individual vessel or flotilla. We expect all options to be met, in one form or another.

    We discourage overly addictive practices, as this fuels the machine (or feeds Dr. Strangelove); however, to each their own… Consider often v. occasional.

  • Common Spiritual Practice(s): Ecumenical (accepts all religions or spiritual practices), Eclectic (integrates multiple religious or spiritual beliefs), Not a particularly spiritual or religious community, Christian, Buddhist, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Wiccan, Protestant, Lutheran, Catholic, Emissaries, Quaker, Sufi, Native American, Hutterian Brethren, Unitarian Universalist, Paganism or Earth Religions, Mixed Eastern Philosophy or Practice, Hare Krishna, Rainbow Family, Ananda Community, Bahai, Atheist, Agnostic, Humanist, All but Satanic, as their primary ordinance is human sacrifice…
  • Spiritual Practice Expected?: No
  • Education Style(s): Home Schooling, Private Schooling at the Community, Private School off the property, Public Schooling, Up to each family or individual
  • Expected Healthcare Practices:

    Individual vessel.

  • Healthcare Options: Community Plan, Partial, Special, or Limited Community Plan, Up to each family or individual
  • Additional Comments:

    Individual and/or multiple members and/or muliple vessels may collectively negotiate or bargain as they see fit.

    Other more holistic options will become available as the community matures.

    Consider only for emergency care while in port.

Additional Comments

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