Cohousing in the Los Angeles Times

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The LA Times ran a great article on cohousing just before Christmas. It profiles Wolf Creek Lodge and focuses on senior cohousing as an up and coming trend.

Along with the architects who imported the idea of cohousing from Denmark 20 years ago, they have designed their 30-unit complex from the ground up, complete with an elaborate common house where they plan to dine together several nights each week.

They’ve attended scores of meetings, made thousands of decisions — all by consensus — buried one beloved member and welcomed others. They have pledged to “support each other through rough times, whether physical, emotional and/or spiritual.” They have learned how to listen and how to disagree.

The article seems to do a good job describing cohousing, getting at the social and ecological dynamics as well as the sense of community. They even seem to get consensus.

Read the article.

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