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British Government funds ecovillage in Wales

Posted on January 3, 2010 by

Green Building Press reports that the British Government is donating 350,000 pounds (more than $500,000 US dollars) to the Lammas ecovillage, based in Pembrokeshire, Wales, to build an educational community center that will introduce strategies for low-impact development to the public. The Lammas ecovillage was established due to a recent local planning initiative permitting small, sustainably-conscious communities to settle in the open countryside.

The grant is part of a UK government initiative in which 10 community projects from across the UK have been awarded up to £500,000 for pioneering carbon-reduction approaches. The Lammas project promises low-carbon lifestyles, carbon neutral housing and carbon positive livelihoods, with a projected net carbon sequestration rate of approximately 90 tonnes CO2 per year. The residents will source all their water, heating fuel and electricity from the land and will develop land-based micro-enterprises supplying food and craft to the locality.

Read the full article here.

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