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Beautiful Tiny Home costs couple $22,000

Posted on February 1, 2015 by

How much space do you really need? This brave couple decided to radically change their approach to housing, to create something beautiful, elegant, functional, and affordable.

“Andrew and Gabriella Morrison spent decades in the rat race, with their lives revolving around their finances and paying off a huge mortgage. They were sick of this lifestyle, so they boldly downsized and built a tiny house of their own.”

Beautiful Tiny Home costs couple only $22,000 - 2


“Thanks to brilliant design, this 207 square foot space feels much bigger on the inside. They now live mortgage-free, which has improved quality of their life and the closeness of their marriage.”

Beautiful Tiny Home costs couple only $22,000

Click Beautiful Tiny Home costs couple $22,000 to see more amazing pictures, and visit their website TinyHouseBuild.com to learn more about building Tiny Homes!

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