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Author: Lois Arkin

Lois Arkin is the founder and Executive Director of the CRSP Institute for Urban Ecovillages (1980), the initial development organization for the Los Angeles Eco-Village (LAEV), and cofounder of its successive development organizations, the Beverly-Vermont Community Land Trust and the Urban Soil/Tierra Urbana Limited Equity Housing Cooperative. She lives and works in LAEV, is a former FIC board member, and former editor of the “Ecovillage Living” column for Communities. She is an Ecovillage Network of the Americas council representative for the Western US and a Board member of the Global Village Institute. Learn more about the Los Angeles Eco-Village at www.laecovillage.org. Lois aspires to be a well-watered vegetable after she is composted in the LAEV courtyard garden, assuming she can get the zoning variance. Articles by Lois Arkin include: Triumphs and Struggles at Los Angeles Eco-Village (Issue # 140) Diversity Issues in Los Angeles Eco-Village (Issue # 155) My Advice to Others Planning to Start an Ecovillage (Issue # 156)

My Advice to Others Planning to Start an Ecovillage

Posted on September 7, 2012 by

An ecovillage founder offers 10 guidelines for success, including “Start with people.”

Diversity Issues in Los Angeles Eco-Village

Posted on June 7, 2012 by

A longtime ecovillage activist moves beyond denial to recognize the institutional racism affecting not only her society and her community, but her own way of thinking.

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