Starting Your Community Bundle


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This deal includes our four most popular books for starting an intentional community successfully! These resources were written by community founders and experts who learned the hard way what works and what doesn’t.

Unfortunately, at this time, we can only provide Wisdom of Communities – Volume 1 in digital PDF format. We apologize for the inconvenience.


Starting Your Community Bundle

If you’re serious about starting a community, set yourself up for success by learning from those who came before you with our four top-selling resources on the topic. The lessons offered in these resources could save you years of fumbling in the dark or simply falling apart.

Founding a community makes you a pioneer, but that doesn’t mean you have to do it alone. We’re offering this bundle at 25% off the regular retail price because we believe in these resources and want to see your community off the ground and moving. Purchase it today!

Wisdom of Communities – Volume 1: Starting a Community

As part of a 4-volume series published by FIC, authors from Communities magazine share their experience and wisdom on how to successfully start a community and grow it beyond the initial forming stage. You’ll read on-the-ground stories as well as practical tools and advise. A digital copy will be sent to your email.


Best of Communities – Volume 1: Intentional Community Overview and Starting a Community

Having as many resources as possible is one way to ensure success. More from the archives of Communities magazine, you’ll receive 15 articles that cover first-hand stories from forming communities, as well as sage advice about legal structures, the importance of community spirit, how to assess prospective property, and the importance of making process agreements before you need to apply them.



The Cooperative Culture Handbook

By Yana Ludwig & Karen Gimnig

Decisions like buying land and determining a legal structure are only a portion of the community pie. Effectively communicating, working as a group, and overcoming obstacles are essential pieces too. With 52 transformative group and individual exercises, The Cooperative Culture Handbook is a practical toolkit for groups to solve problems, build community, and change culture towards greater empathy and authenticity.



Communities magazine issue #170 – Finding or Starting a CommunityFinding or Starting a Community

A common question at the beginning: Find it or Start it? Whether looking to join an existing community or working to start a new one, aspiring communitarians can glean invaluable lessons from the experiences of elders. This Spring 2016 Communities issue is full of success stories, cautionary tales, adventures, reflections, and advice. Not available in print. A digital copy will be sent to your email.



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