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The Senior Cohousing Handbook

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The Senior Cohousing Handbook, 2nd Edition: A Community Approach to Independent Living
by Charles Durrett
2009, 2016; 320 pages; 9″ x 8″; paperback

 Rich in ideas and inspiration, The Senior Cohousing Handbook is recommended to anyone interested in planning such a community, living in one or who works with seniors.

This updated edition of Senior Cohousing, now titled the The Senior Cohousing Handbook, is the definitive guide to a way of life that enables older individuals to house themselves with dignity, independence, safety, mutual concern and fun. This is the best and most in-depth look at one of the fastest growing sectors of the cohousing community and it also provides a proven methodology for creating new groups. The text is generously supplemented with excellent photographs showing the communities described in the book and their residents.

Reviews for The Senior Cohousing Handbook:

“Architect and author Chuck Durrett’s recently released book Senior Cohousing Handbook comes at a time of high interest in greening, sustainable housing and affordable living concerns. Durrett’s new book is a comprehensive guide for baby boomers wishing to continue vibrant, active lifestyles.” – EPR Real Estate News

“Make your senior years safe and socially fun with the idea of senior cohousing and a book on the topic that shows how seniors can custom-build their neighborhood to fit their needs. This is housing built by seniors, not for them, and emphasizes independence and social networking. Any library strong in gerontology or social science and many a general lending library needs this. – James A. Cox, The Midwest Book Review  

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