The Community Facilitation Handbook (Ebook)



The Community Facilitation Handbook

by Conscious Coliving and Art of Co

The Community Facilitation Handbook is designed to support the creation and management of coliving spaces. It is intended to help you understand what community means and how to build it within your shared living spaces.

Residential community comes in all sizes. We don’t need a village to build meaningful belonging and connection. It can start with a small group of unrelated people living in a house together, often described as coliving.

As simple as that may sound, getting started can be tricky.

Whilst the main focus is on building community for coliving spaces, the learnings that you will acquire can apply to different industries as well: from hospitality to coworking spaces, community is based on the same building blocks. The main difference is that coliving is a more immersive experience, and that both building and maintaining community can be harder in this kind of setting.

In the Community Facilitation Handbook, you will learn:

  • What community means, how it is measured and how it is created;
  • How to build community with the help of the community facilitator (CF) and understanding this position in terms of required skills, responsibilities, and personal profile;
  • Identifying major mistakes in the community building process and how to avoid / overcome them;
  • And Methods and processes to use that facilitate connection, group dynamics, conflict prevention and resolution, amongst other community building tools.

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