Aging in Community Bundle

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The top 4 best resources on living in and creating community throughout our aging years. You can create independence and connection in vibrant community.


Aging in Community Bundle

How can we spend our most important adult years in connection and purpose rather than isolation and loneliness?
How do we create safety and security in a rapidly changing world?
Is it possible to have community in our elder years?

We understand the importance of these questions. This bundle answers your questions and provides the best resources about aging in intentional community.

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The Senior Cohousing Handbook: A Community Approach to Independent Living

by Charles Durrett
Written by a leader in the cohousing residential development movement, senior cohousing provides an alternative for independent living within social and environmentally vibrant community. As a comprehensive guide to starting and creating senior cohousing, the author deals with all the psychological and logistical aspects of senior cohousing, and addresses common concerns, fears, and misunderstandings. Paperback, 320 pages



Best of Communities IX: Community for EldersCommunity for Elders

by Communities magazine, Foundation for Intentional Community
As a compilation of fifteen articles written by prominent authors over the years for Communities magazine, this is the cream of the crop resource on who, how, and why to grow old in intentional community. Whether it is to find a community of cohorts more dynamic than a retirement home, or a multi-generational community with wide range of diversity and activity, there is a lot to explore for elders. Paperback, 64 pages




True Stories of an Aging Do-Gooder

by Alan O’Hashi
Authored by the documentarian of the film series Aging Gratefully, this part memoir, part how-to manual offers ways your community can use cultural competency techniques to better understand one another and bridge connect. The stories are about relations between and among individual people, and the personal changes necessary to find commonality with strangers – all with different experiences and lifestyles. Digital ebook, 289 pages




Communities magazine #166 Spring 2015Communities Magazine, Issue #166: Community for Baby Boomers

by Communities magazine
What role can baby boomers (born 1946-1964) play in a new resurgence of intentional community living? Where can they find and offer support to meet their and others’ needs over their final decades of life? How can aging baby boomers regain the sense of community that defined much of their generation as youth and young adults? What gifts do baby boomers offer to younger generations? In this special archival issue of Communities magazine, our contributors explore these questions and many more. Digital pdf



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