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Many Voices One Song


Many Voices One Song: Shared Power with Sociocracy
by Ted J Rau and Jerry Koch-Gonzalez

Many Voices One Song is a detailed manual for implementing sociocracy, an egalitarian form of governance also known as dynamic governance.

Originated in the Netherlands, Sociocracy is a consent-based governance that allows everyone in the group equal voice and power through circular, rather than linear, hierarchy.

This new book from Sociocracy For All includes step-by-step descriptions for structuring organizations and decision-making as well as illustrated diagrams & tables, examples, lists, skits, and stories from the field. You can not only read but see how this process works and get started putting it into practice.

Here is a taste from Many Voices One Song:

“We all know what deep connection feels like.

We all know what deep belonging feels like – when we enter a group and we tap into knowing deep inside that these are our people.

How can we be aligned with our need for connection wherever we go, in our workplaces, our neighborhoods, towns, clubs, faith groups, associations and our families? We think that sociocracy can contribute to a more connected, integrated life.”

2018, paperback, 294 pages

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