EcoSocial Design (Ebook)



EcoSocial Design:

Using Leadership and Enterprise in Service to Regenerative Living

by Andrew Langford

Ecosocial Design is a call to upgrade our actions for people, planet and all life forms. It extends the substantial earth-care notions of permaculture into the cultural realm. The presentation also imagines you as a significant actor in this critical work and provides some means whereby you might access support.

Presented by Gaia Education, details from this full-length book are a part of their curriculum for their Gaia U Certificate in Ecosocial Design.

“It is a wide ranging curriculum that assumes, as a kind of prerequisite, a practitioner level knowledge of permaculture design. Practicing permaculture is our favored method for reconnecting ourselves with nature especially as it holds to so-called deep green ethics – Care of the Earth, Care of People and Limits to Consumption and Population. These essential ethics go past an anthropocentric viewpoint in favor of a web-of-life perspective: humans are part of this web of life, not separate from it, and so, if immediate human interests clash with ecosystem interests, we strive to give the latter priority. *If you don’t have a grounded knowledge of permaculture design find a permaculture design course and get it now and start practicing it.*”

Gaia University also offers an EcoSocial Design certificate:

The certificate course is built to help each individual step into their full potential as co-evolutionary change agents. Guided by our facilitators, you will journey with an intimate cohort through a participatory online course, building relationships while exploring how to co-design the new system as our old system breaks down around us. Through this program, you will gain a support system of tools, resources, and an established network to foster a conscious and collaborative community of ecosocial fellows.

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