Let’s Decide Together

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Let’s Decide Together is the guidebook for practicing sociocracy with children and empowering them to make decisions as a group. Get the kiddos in your life off to an early start with collaborative group decision making! (Book is helpful for adults too 😉 )


Let’s Decide Together!

Practicing Sociocracy with Children

By Hope Wilder

Sociocracy can provide a useful framework for making decisions together with children.

Decision making usually occurs by adults for children, leading to an authoritarian dynamic and conflict. As a result, adults find themselves fighting about chores, struggling to understand a behavior, or trying to manage a rowdy and disruptive classroom.

Instead, we can teach our children and students to use sociocracy, allowing them to voice what they need and make decisions as a group.

Readers can use this book to make more values-aligned, egalitarian, and inclusive decisions together with children in the home, at school, in community, neighborhood groups, or in any group where adults and children are empowered to decide together.


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Many Voices One Song is a detailed manual for implementing sociocracy, an egalitarian form of governance also known as dynamic governance. This book includes step-by-step descriptions for structuring organizations and decision-making as well as illustrated diagrams & tables, examples, lists, skits, and stories from the field. You can not only read but see how this process works and get started putting it into practice.

Who Decides Who Decides is the essential guide on how to form a group within 3 meetings and establish shared power and self-management. Any group can form itself using the template outlined in this book. It works especially well if the founders and early members want to grow and nourish an organization that gives every member a voice and is effective.

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