Author: Douglas Stevenson

Douglas Stevenson and his high school sweetheart/wife, Deborah, became members of The Farm Community in 1973. Douglas has served on the community’s board of directors, membership committee, and is currently engaged as The Farm Manager, overseeing community development projects. He also represents The Farm as the spokesperson to the press and outside media. His company, Village Media, recently completed the editing of Volume Two of Geoph Kozeny’s “Visions of Utopia” video project, profiling 10 different intentional communities. Douglas and Deborah have shared a co-housing residence with lifelong friends since 1985. They enjoy spending time with their grandchildren, who (along with their daughter and her husband) also live on The Farm. See and

Articles by Douglas Stevenson include:

  • Festivals and Gatherings on The Farm (Issue # 142)
  • The Spiritual Path (Issue # 154)

Festivals and Gatherings on The Farm

Posted on March 7, 2009 by

A long-time events organizer reflects on the rewards, challenges, logistics, and community dynamics involved in hosting gatherings large and small.