Author: Beatrice Briggs

Beatrice Briggs is the founding director of the International Institute for Facilitation and Change (IIFAC), a Mexico-based consulting group that specializes in participatory processes. The author of the manual Introduction to Consensus and many articles about group dynamics, Beatrice travels around the world, giving workshops and providing facilitation services in both English and Spanish. Home is Ecovillage Huehuecoyotl, near Tepoztlán, Mexico, where she has lived since 1998. Articles by Beatrice Briggs include: Cigarettes, Alcohol, Visitors, and Events (Issue # 142) Balancing Outer and Inner Ecology (Issue # 143) Best Meetings (Issue # 141) Business and Well-Being (Issue # 140) The Power Balance (Issue # 138) Preventing "Tyranny of the Minority" (Issue # 137) When Someone Blocks Far Too Frequently (Issue # 136) When Some of Us Don't Support an Existing Agreement (Issue # 134) The Bully Question (Issue # 145) Open Meetings: Worth the Risk? (Issue # 147) Call in the Experts? (Issue # 148) Eggshells and Stone Walls (Issue # 149) Six Traps (Issue # 149)

Call in the Experts?

Posted on September 7, 2010 by

Author: Beatrice Briggs Published in Communities Magazine Issue #148 Q. Our group is very divided. We need to make major decisions regarding finances, organizational structures, and policies, at a time when interpersonal tensions have reached a boiling point. Certain individuals and factions seem to be locked in power struggles, and at this point we are… Read More

Open Meetings: Worth the Risk?

Posted on June 7, 2010 by

Author: Beatrice Briggs Published in Communities Magazine Issue #147 Q: Our group is committed to education and to sharing our lives in community openly with others. We frequently host visitors, and also offer regular workshops and courses. We have traditionally welcomed visitors and program participants to attend our weekly community meetings, believing it gives them… Read More