Are you part of an impact center?

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Are you part of an impact center?
Looking for a transformational travel experience?
NuMundo is an FIC partner organization
by Sky Blue, FIC Exec. Director


NuMondo LogoDo you know of a project that offers sustainable living education and strives to leave a positive impact? Or are you looking for a transformational travel experience at a center like this?

The Foundation for Intentional Community invites you to check out one of our new partners, NuMundo. NuMundo is building an online directory of “impact centers” around the world. Using their platform you can list stays and book trips, supporting a global movement of interlinked hubs that are healing our planet. Learn more at or check out their blog, The Transformational Times.

What is an impact center?

There are thousands of hubs globally that are examples of sustainable living, producing solutions to the global climate crisis. These hubs are ecovillages, intentional communities, permaculture farms, social projects and retreat centers. Through the NuMundo platform these impact centers can become more accessible to the world, easily sharing crucial information and resources.

All of the centers meet three criteria:

NuMondo center stays1) Earth care―emphasis on whole-system sustainability and/or holistic health & well-being

2) Education―provides retreats, workshops, courses and/or work-exchange or volunteering

3) Accommodation―has the capacity to host individuals on-site for short or long-term stays

Enable more people to find your center, stay, volunteer, and take a workshop! List a center for free at

Looking for a Center to Visit?

NuMundo believes that a travel journey that takes us outside of our comfort zones is often the first step in expanding our worldview, finding a global community, and experiencing the freedom of simplicity. NuMundo’s goal is to empower people who are unfulfilled in their lives to take a journey that will ignite a new life-changing path.

Browse their directory or book a session with one of their experienced pathfinders to receive a personalized life-changing travel guidance.

 NuMondo Team


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