It’s a wrap! — Greeting and 2020 Update from FIC Core Team

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Friends and supporters,

We put together the video above as our way of saying hello, showing appreciation for your support, and giving some updates on how 2020 was for FIC. Have a watch and enjoy!

Much more information is available in our 2020 Annual Report.

This report is the culmination of a year of unexpected shifts, growth and hard work at FIC. Learn about how 2020 went and join us in celebrating all we have achieved together.

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like to make that “35 years old” a lot more real w/the roots back to Arthur Morgan and the rest (pre coho and even Borsodi & clt ) to more realistically 80/90 years ago. A different name just as today’s change…

Keep up da good work!
– -Chad
Mossy Bottom

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