Volunteer at Hawaii Eco Village

by Ryan Nichols
Communities with Openings
Pāhoa, HI

Lolia Eco Village has openings for new volunteers! We are looking to fill positions, so please apply today!

Enjoy nutritious meals, vibrant community, and a lush tropical environment near the ocean!

We have openings for volunteers and for those with the ability to manage our Volunteer program.


Types of work can include cooking, cleaning, beautification, gardening, landscaping, painting, light construction, social media promotion, and teaching yoga.

Volunteers work 25 hours per week in exchange for the Volunteer Program.  Volunteers commit to at least 2 months and make a $300 security deposit.

Volunteers sleep in a tent with a queen sized bed.

We seek staff members who are committed to their own personal growth and development, have an open heart for improving communication, and strive to be ecological.

We are walking distance to the ocean and close to Kahena Black Sand Beach.

We are a clothing-optional center enjoying warm tropical weather year-round.

We have a LGBTQIAP+/sex-positive culture, supporting all 18+ adults in consensual sexual activity.

In order to support a culture of self-responsibility, our community is smoke/drug & alcohol free.

We use rainwater catchment, composting toilets, and solar power.

To apply, please send your resume along with a description of your experience in community living and personal development work to [email protected]

To see more pictures go to https://www.facebook.com/loliaecovillage

Foundation for Intentional Community Profile



MEALS: You can join us for community meals! We serve organic vegetarian meals and can usually accommodate vegan and gluten free needs. Everyone washes their own dishes at our dish washing station. The nearest grocery store and restaurant is about 20 minutes away (in Pahoa)

CLOTHING OPTIONAL: Lolia has a clothing optional spa area with pool and hot tub and we have a couple of clothing optional beaches nearby.  Please wear at least bottoms on or around the dining lanai and kitchen.

CONSCIOUS: Please note Lolia is a Sober Smoke-free Community.  Smoking is permitted outside the front gate only.

BATHHOUSES:  Bathhouses are for all genders and are clothing optional.  The main bath house by the bedrooms has 4 showers, 5 sinks and 6 compost-toilets and we have 2 showers in the Lodge Bathhouse and 1 open air shower by the Pineapple Lounge. We use onsite treated rainwater for showers, so please conserve water by taking short showers and turning the water off while soaping. Please use biodegradable soaps if you use your own.

TOILETS: There is one shared flush toilet in the lodge building(behind the kitchen) and 6 compostable toilets in the main bathhouse.

PEE ON THE PAPAYA TREES – Papayas are one of our main food crops grown at Lolia and they benefit from urine which acts as a fertilizer.  Peeing outside is a normal healthy activity encouraged at Lolia.  You can use colorful coleus leaves as a natural absorbent wipe if you wish.

PARKING: Parking is approximately 100 yards from the sleeping rooms with gravel paths between the parking and the sleeping rooms. Please plan to handle your own luggage between your car and sleeping room.  If you need help with your luggage, please arrive during daylight hours and a team member can help you with your bag.

ARRIVAL TIME: Please plan to arrive between 2pm and 6pm on your check-in day. Check-in is on the Dinning Lānai, which is the building on the left at the end of the parking lot. Earlier arrival can sometimes be accommodated. Later arrivals are more difficult to accommodate because most residents are in bed by 9:30pm. If you can give us a 2 hour arrival window ahead of time, we can plan for your arrival and provide a short tour and orientation, otherwise there are self-check-in instructions available in this letter.

CHECKOUT TIME: Please plan to vacate your room by 11am on the day you check out. You can remain on site for lunch if that is paid for and arranged.

QUIET HOURS: Please be quiet from 9pm – 9am. This includes conversations inside rooms and canopies because sound transmits to neighbors very easily.  Please limit cell phone conversations to the co-working spaces and use earbuds.  Please be mindful and take quiet steps when walking up stairs to the bunk houses, as well as opening and closing your door slowly and quietly during quiet hours.  While formal quiet hours (Aka, SILENT HOURS) are from 9pm-9am, please be aware that the residences (Bunk Houses, Tents, and Cabins) are meant to be quiet, restful areas at all hours of the day. Please make your phone calls in other areas of the property like Coworking Rooms, Dining Lanai, Mango Temple, or front yard by the parking area.

BEDROOMS: Most Bedrooms have queen bunk beds and closets.  Overhead lighting, ceiling fan and electrical outlets are provided. We use solar power, so please turn off lights when not needed, and ideally charge devices during the day.


Headlamp for bathroom trips between 7pm and 6am

Room light if staying in a tent

Insect repellent

Sunscreen (Oxybenzone-free to protect coral)

Water bottle

Jacket for cool evenings

Rain Gear

Flip flops for shower and beach – Crocs highly recommended

WEATHER: Opihikao , Hawaii receives 50  inches of rain per year.  We are on the drier side of this part of the island.  The July high is around 90 degrees F. The January low is 60 F.  Still it’s good to have a rain jacket and/or an umbrella.

ELECTRICITY: Rooms have regular electrical outlets while there is no electricity in the tents. Electrical outlets are available for charging electronics in indoor bedrooms and on the Dinning Lānai. Please charge during daylight hours when solar power is charging our batteries. At night we rely on batteries for our freezers and refrigerators and limited LED lighting in common spaces. We have US 110volt electrical outlets.   IF TOO MUCH ELECTRICITY IS USED AT NIGHT THE SYSTEM WILL SHUT OFF WHICH MEANS NO ELECTRICITY, WATER OR INTERNET IN THE EARLY AM UNTIL WE TURN ON THE GENERATOR.

WATER: We collect rainwater for drinking, cooking, and hygiene. All the tap water is triple filtered and UV treated, so is potable. Please conserve water. We use propane to heat water and cook.  The spa water is geothermal and untreated.

LAUNDRY: Please make sure you know how to use the washer and only use between 9am and 3pm.  Use the clothes lines in the Laundry Lānai to hang clothes.

LINENS: Your bed will have clean sheets on it when you arrive. We will also provide you with one clean towel per guest. We do not have daily housekeeping, so please let us know if something comes up with regard to linens and other housekeeping.  We use european-style duvets with duvet covers.  If you would like a flat sheet in addition to the fitted sheet and the duvet, let us know.

PESTS: Please limit eating to the Dinning Lānai. Fire ants and other critters like mice, rats, geckos, and roaches are attracted to food and you probably don’t want to share your sleeping room with them. We are in the country, so some critters are bound to be around, but we don’t want to encourage them.

RAT LUNG DISEASE: Rat Lung Disease is a DEADLY disease carried by slugs in our area.  Please do not pick and eat any food from the trees or gardens. Rat lung disease is caused by a nematode that lives in slugs and snails, and can be deposited onto plants when slugs and snails crawl on them.  Food that is cooked or peeled like fruit can be simply washed but leafy greens MUST be triple-washed with salt and vinegar.  Our kitchen community cleans and cooks any plant ingredients that are susceptible to slugs and snails, and our raw greens are from sources that are not prone to rat lung disease nematode contamination. This is a very serious disease, please refrain from eating right from the garden.

        • BREAKFAST: self-serve

        • LUNCH: self-serve

        • DINNER: 6 pm, Rotating chefs

        • TEA and COFFEE: 24/7 (free, please wash your cup

        • WIFI: The current wifi passwords is on the white board on the Dining Lānai.

        • HOT TUB/Cold Plunge/Pool:  Please shower and scrub yourself clean first.  Ideally go nude if you are comfortable as swimsuits carry bacteria.

        • OCEAN: The ocean is ~15 minute walk to secret beach out the gate and to the left ½ mile. Be careful as the ocean can be very rough.

          Pohoiki Hot Ponds – 4 miles away, out the front gate to the left.  Park at Issac Hale park.

        • Kehena Black Sand Beach-  3 miles out the gate to the right.  Clothing optional.

ADDITIONAL GUESTS:  As a resident of Lolia you can have guests during business hours and up to 2 overnight guests per week.  You are responsible to orient guests and ensure they follow Lolia policies.  If you want a guest to stay more than 2 nights per week you must let us know and pay for the extra nights.  Guests can purchase meals at $15/meal.  Guests can not invite other guests.

SEX-POSITIVE CULTURE:  Lolia is a sex-positive culture for everyone 18+ based on consent, respect and communication. All genders and orientations are welcome. Nudity is not a sexual invitation.  Nor is a hug or a massage.  Please be clear in your boundaries, make clear requests for touch and sexuality and respect others’ sexual choices and boundaries without judgment.  If you wish to be sexual during quiet hours you may wish to use the Pineapple Lounge which has safer sex supplies, books and resources for healthy and empowered sexuality.  Pineapple lounge can also be used for massage, cuddles and non-sexual touch as well.

Music:  Music is a welcome addition to the Mango Temple and Dining Lanais and please respect others if they wish for more quiet.  Amplified music and music that reaches bedrooms must be off by 9pm at the very latest.

KULEANA COMMON AREAS:  Every resident maintains one of the common areas, making sure it’s kept clean and tidy.  You can get cleaning supplies and tools from the cleaning supply closet.  We do not have a cleaning staff, we are living as a community so please do your part to keep our home clean.

Community Agreements at Lolia


        1.  Personal Self-Responsibility.  Take responsibility for your choice to be here, for your words and actions.  Ask for a pause, a stop and state boundaries where necessary.

        1.  Integrity in agreements.  Honestly do the work you have agreed to do.  Acknowledge where you have broken or disagree with agreements.

        1.  Empowered direct communication and ask for mediation if necessary. Make clear requests. No Gossip or Collusion.

        1.  Sobriety on site. No smoking on site.  Inform the community if you are under the influence of any substance or in altered consciousness.

        1.  Pursue personal self-development and respect other’s individual paths.  Reflect on yourself rather than blaming others.

        1. Ecological awareness: Conserve Water, Electricity, Soil, Food, Recycle.

        1. Clothing Optional Environment (Bottoms must be worn in kitchen and dining lanai). Nudity is not a sexual invitation

        1.  Sex-Positive.  Support all in consensual sexuality for 18+ adults.  Take responsibility for your sexual choices and affirm your agency in making choices.  Acceptance of all gender and non-gender expressions as well as all relationship forms and styles.

        1.  Non-Violence.  No threats, intimidation or non-consensual touch.  Do emotional release work in a consensual manner at appropriate times and places.

10. Support a sense of humor and playfulness while being sensitive to others.