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Family, Friends & Community Helping One Another * Sowing & Reaping

by barbara stubblefield
Seeking Community

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The Source, The Vault and a Sou Sou

Greetings and Welcome,

* Are you the kind of person who believes what goes around comes around?

* Do you know the principles of sowing and reaping?

* Are you ready to work with like minded people “that we trust ourselves,” over worn out ways of doing things or traditional venues that have been used and very little progress happens (including the old worn out savings account)?

* Wouldn’t it be nice to work with like minded friends and family and community?

If this could be of interest for you, I want you to know I am looking for like minded people who understand the principles of sowing and reaping. That would be interested in a savings type of investment, yet it contains the elements of helping others.

Please let me know:

Barbara Stubblefield 336 406 2590 [email protected]