Earthseed Ecovillage Looking for Co-Founders!

by Earthseed Ecovillage
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We are calling in co-founders!

Want to help create a permaculture community this summer in the gorgeous hills of southern Vermont with a noble band of misfit renegades? Interested in co-founding an awesome ecovillage? Looking to launch a cooperative business with friends? Longing to live wild and free in the deep fragrant forest? We might have just the thing for you and your crew!
Co-founder applications are open for the Earthseed Ecovillage Community, in addition to membership applications for the 2024 season!
You can support and plug into the project in these 4 ways:
❀ as a Co-Founder, who will plan to spend 2-5 years living at the ecovillage and helping to seed this community.
❀ as a Community Partner who is not planning to relocate onto the land this season but wants to lend to the effort while visiting or working remotely, or support our startup costs in a big or small way.
❀ as a Community Member who would like to relocate to the land for a period of time and participate in governance and cooperative businesses.
❀ as a Ready-formed Pod of Community Members (3-7 people) who want to build lives together with us on this land. Will you and your chosen kin join us?
The application is a short form that will be followed by a phone or video conversation.
For more information about our call for co-founders and to apply, click here!