Biophilic designers and renovators net zero lot in Calgary.

by Biophilicman
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calgary, canada

An off grid Biophilic healthy designed package for sale. In the city of Calgary Canada. See details on MLS® Number: A1184259 The lot is mostly completed yet when completed is 3 condos with 6 suites if desired. Net Zero and beyond.

“Beings being connected to the earth and the Sun is an important healthy balance needed in today’s home environments. Breathing for all things is considered to be a healthy thing in nature. We can slow it down or speed it up and when it is natural it relaxes us. The healthiest of homes is a breathable one.” In 1101 Reader Crescent Renfrew Calgary,  the science of a natural breathing house is perfected. Operating with just the Suns power directly into the buildings structure this design uses about 70% less energy than a home built today. So starting with a 70% efficiency and adding a small solar panel to this lot will be very effective and cost efficient. Actually one solar panel system will do three buildings  all on the same lot. R3 Zoning opens the door to three buildings on one lot if desired. Proven high scores on space, energy efficiency, utility and tax bills. A green footprint, mortgage free designs, along with natures best attributes are all included in this artistic package. High end natural products and high construction techniques bring in an astounding 1% outside and a 3% inside readings on air pollution tests. About 780 square feet in taxes and another 1200 of living space not taxed.”

Scientist of Natural laws,

ADU Realestate Class Proffesional ( Additional Dwelling Units on one lot),

Jobsite manufacturer engineer set up coordinator,


1101 Reader Crescent Renfrew Calgary MLS® Number: A1184259

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