20 Acre Homestead in Washington State

by Scott McBride
Real Estate For Sale
Snohomish County, WA

We are selling our 20 acre intentional family homestead located in the North Cascade foothills of Washington State. This site is perfectly poised for someone to take what we have started and move it in the direction of your own dreams.

The site is 20 acres of forestry-zoned land.  Approximately 4 acres are yard, pasture, orchard, and garden (Zone 8b). The rest is mixed evergreen and deciduous temperate forest with hiking trails and a small stream. The well maintained main house is 3br 2ba, 1500 sq ft with a large back porch and lots of updates (flooring, new roof, new front porch, etc). Property includes:

  • Two additional small well insulated dry homes/studios with power & electric.
  • A large shed with attached oversized pavilion/carport
  • A partially completed (outer walls & roof done) smaller outbuilding that could be storage, or turned into an additional living space.
  • Space and electric for three more outbuildings.
  • A large and beautiful wood-fired cob sauna.
  • Two micro-shelter cabins suitable for summer occupancy.
  • Pump house shed that doubles as garden storage.
  • Several gardens, including a greenhouse, hoop houses, and hugel mounds.
  • Woodshed that holds up ten cords of wood, currently almost full.
  • Rock and gravel areas that are suitable for RV parking or other future buildings.
  • Three-bin composting station.
  • Two room composting toilet system, suitable for guests, campers.
  • Lots of unused, cleared space for expansion, livestock, food forest, or forest gardening.
  • StarLink internet system, great for any remote workers.

This property has been lovingly worked as a permaculture homestead using organic practices since 2007.

For pictures and more information see www.coppermoonie.com.

We are currently selling this property for $675K pre-listing price. This price assumes no buyer commission and contract in hand before we list. For more details please contact us through this forum.