The Jewish Intentional Community Conference Takes Place December 1-4

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The FIC’s Intentional Communities Directory includes communities that range from the spiritual to the secular. If you want to find a religiously affiliated (or unaffiliated) community, there’s a good chance you’ll find one there that aligns with your values. For those looking for a community centered around the Jewish faith, you can check out the 2016 Jewish Intentional Communities Conference, to be held December 1-4 in Falls Village, CT.

The conference may be right for you whether you have experience living in community, or simply want to learn more about what it might look like in a Jewish context.

According to the conference description:

“We begin the conference by exploring the growing enthusiasm in the Jewish world about formative “experiences in life” such as temporary intentional communities – fellowships, gap-year programs, and residential activist immersions…. The best practices, tools, and perspectives which emerge from these explorations will culminate in a participatory full-conference workshop to map the ecosystem of intentional community models – opening real possibilities of a diverse spectrum of Jewish intentional communities where we can put down roots and raise up families.”

The conference will take place at the Isabella Freedman Retreat Center, a 400-acre plot of land in the Connecticut Berkshires with forested trails, mountain views, lakes, and more. The $400 cost of the event includes workshops, yoga classes, Kosher meals, Shabbat services, and overnight accommodations.

Learn more about the event at and check out the video intro below!

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