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Healing in Community

July 30 @ 12:00 PM 1:00 PM CDT

Healing in Community: Learning Emotional Resilience and Processing Somatic Energy

Tuesday, July 30, 2024

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Join Emotional Resilience Trainer, Aaron Kahlow, to learn how to become emotionally resilient and process somatic energy for healing in community.

About the event

Community Life is full of emotional challenges… relationships, conflict, meeting disagreements, day to day “Who left the dishes out” and so much more. We need to come to our community lives (whether we live in community or are just around folks every day), with the tools and resilience that are necessary to stay balanced and grounded.

Instructor Aaron Kahlow has offered Emotional Resilience workshops and Somatic Healing work for many communities, using the tools you will learn in this workshop. Aaron has realized that so much healing can and needs to be done right there at the heart of community, and it starts with working on ourselves.

In this workshop we will explore these tools, practices, and key insights to thriving in community (and life in general). Join us to learn how to gain access to the much needed emotional support we need and where we all can use a little strength building.

In this session, you’ll learn about 6 core areas for restoring our emotional well-being:

  • Emotional Clarity: Ways to get clear on exactly what you are feeling and the feeling behind the feelings to get to the root cause to have clarity on exactly where the work needs to focus.
  • Emotional Release & Body Movement: Various somatic and voice activation exercises, gross or rigourous body movements, anger ceremony, grief ritual and more..
  • Emotional Clearing & Centering: After we have clarity and a level of release we are in a centered enough state to begin to fully clear the energy and work with what is happening inside of us. This usually involves some small group / circle work to be witnessed in your emotions and process as well as 1 on 1 work with an Emotional RR Practitioner.
  • Emotional Healing: Somatic Processing through speaking truth, body work, touch on release areas, “being held”, reiki, and trauma processing of wounds to work on directly. 1 on 1 work with an Emotional RR Practitioner.
  • Emotional Communication: Communicating our emotional needs and being in relationship with others at an emotional level (think NVC) usually learned through workshops, course, program as well as 1 on 1 work with an Emotional RR Practitioner.
  • Emotional Groundedness: A sustained state of emotional stability living into and “being” the grounded, connected, easeful energy we wish to see in the world and done with through deep sustained efforts in 1 on 1 work with an Emotional RR Practitioner.

About your presenter

Aaron Kahlow

Aaron is a Communitarian, Emotional Resilience Guide; Somatic Energy worker, Men’s Work Facilitator, Spiritual Path-finder, Social Health Advocate, and Voice of Truth worker to find clarity and peace in one’s life.

More recently you can find Aaron enjoying his land-based community life while teaching, mentoring, facilitating and healing those ready to do the work. Much of his daily work-life integrates Emotional Resilience, Mindfulness, IFS, NVC, Yoga, Indigenous Ritual & Ceremony, Men’ss Work & Rite of passage, Somatic Experiencing, energy healing and spiritual practices.

He is certified, trained and a practicing as Emotional Resilience Trainer, mindfulness teacher, mens work master facilitator, Circle-space holder, Social-Emotional Health practitioner in local schools, ATTCH trauma-informed practitioner, and the co-creator/author of “Conscious Circles method” and “Emotional Release to Resilience Practice”.

He is known for his unique blend of elder wisdom and youthful playfulness. Aaron goes deep yet meets the modern mindset where it is at.


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Healing in Community: Learning Emotional Resilience and Practicing Somatic Energy


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