✔️Let’s come together! 🗓️ Events in 2019

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Conferences, Festivals, Gatherings

Places where we can share stories, learn skills, and create the relationships we need to build our communities and our movement.

Join us for these awesome events, co-sponsored by the Foundation for Intentional Community.

Questions about an event? Please contact the event directly through their website. 

Village Building Convergence

The Village Building Convergence (VBC) is City Repair’s flagship event featuring over 30 community-built projects happening all over Portland. Additionally, the VBC hosts a series of evening events featuring speakers and local musicians.

National Cohousing Conference

The theme is Community for the Health of it, and will feature tracks for those new to cohousing, in a forming community, living in cohousing and for mature communities.

Restorative Circles Conference

The Restorative Circles Conference at Earthaven celebrates our opportunity to come together as human beings, as communities (and the organizations we form) to recreate social systems that enhance our ability to reach a higher stage of justice on the arc of history. The bi-annual event focuses on sharing the Restorative Circles process (RC) and the results of its practice, finding support in reaching higher goals in our work places, civic and residential communities, and remembering how our health and well-being are supported and enhanced in the atmosphere of a natural setting. Our program includes planned and unplanned sessions in RC, NVC, healthy movement, nature walks and more.

International Communal Studies Association Conference

The ICSA thirteenth international conference will explore strategies that intentional communities use to promote the inclusion and empowerment of persons of diverse abilities, cultures, races, economic backgrounds, religions, ages, genders, and sexualities. It will explore intentional communities and community movements that focus on the experiences of groups that have historically been marginalized—as, for example, the Camphill movement does for persons with intellectual disabilities.

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Southwest Inter-Community Summit

We are co-creating this exciting opportunity for networking and commingling among folks from diverse communities.

Now more than ever we are called to widen our circles and move from isolation to participation with the world and each other as seekers, allies and current members of community.

Together we will focus on three key questions:
1. What are the shared values of the Communities Movement?
2. What gets in the way of living in alignment with those values?
3. How can we as communities and communitarians support each other?

West Coast + Canadian Communities Conference

Something is emerging. What has been learned from Communities in the past and what will the Communities of the Future look like? Join us for an intergenerational inquiry at the 5th annual West Coast Communities Conference. A blend of workshops and interactive social activities, we will go deep into the topics that matter most to our communities while also making time for joyous connections, ceremony, music, and celebration.

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I would like to organize an event to take place in GA. Please would assist me in making contact with interested parties located in Ga or suggesting how I might make contacts in GA?

J McCune Porter

You can advertise an event in our classifieds, some ad categories are free to post

You can also contact intentional communities near the event location to help disseminate info. Use the contact info at the top right of each listed intentional community in our online directory.

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