Fundraising for the Revolution – Community Builders Forum – Webinar #7

Posted on February 7, 2018 by

Being true to yourself, and keeping your sanity, while raising money

What to look forward to in this webinar:

We’ll conduct most of this webinar “clinic” style. That means that after an initial few minutes of basic assumptions and information about what good fundraising is and means and does, we’ll spend the rest of our time together answering questions from participants. A few of the basics we’ll address:

  • What’s a “real” prospect? Your donors need to have A, B, and C–ability, belief, and commitment–to be consideredgenuine prospects for giving
  • Where’s the money? You already know the people you need to know to get started. Stop looking “out there” and start asking (planfully and boldly) the people you know and maybe the people they know.
  • Who gives the most? Statistically, it’s people with less money rather than more.
  • What’s the best (or easiest) way to raise money? Depends on what you mean by “best.” The most effective is also (for many) the most scary: face-to-face.

Anything is fair game! You can ask about fundraising or anything related to fundraising such as Boards of Directors, not having a Board, not being a 501(c)(3), how to grow your list of potential donors, how to increase what you raise from your existing donors, what the best source of information on fundraising is, and more.

Beth Raps’ Bio:

Beth Raps is a fundraiser with 30 years experience in social-justice nonprofits large and small, domestic and international. Her expertise ranges from intimate gatherings and individual “asks” to mass appeals and campaigns. She focuses on building relationships and long-range strategies integrating a variety of types of fundraising into an effective, sanely manageable yearly fundraising plan.

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