Author: Stephen Wing

Atlanta poet and activist Stephen Wing is the author of Free Ralph!, a comic novel with an environmental theme, and the creator of a line of original bumper stickers, Gaia-Love Graffiti. He has previously written for Communities on the Rainbow Gatherings (still going strong). Email him at swing1027 [AT] For more of his writings, visit

Articles by Stephen Wing include:

  • Which Comes First, My Community or My Career? (Issue # 152)

Honoring the Conversation: Turning a Neighborhood into a Community in Intown Atlanta

Posted on December 11, 2017 by

Face-to-face conversation strengthens the sense of community among the diverse constituencies of a nonprofit Land Trust.

Which Comes First, My Community or My Career?

Posted on September 7, 2011 by

Believing that the next phase in human evolution involves a return to the “local” and to community with neighbors, the author focuses his job search close to home, and includes any useful type of work.